Andrea Vittori: Co-founder and CEO
Andrea Vittori has a degree in Political Science focusing on International Law. His brilliant athletic curriculum boasts 3 world kickboxing titles and a world championship title in Savate (French Boxing). A body guard since 1994, he stands out for his natural elegance and unassuming discretion. Over a 15 year career, he personally managed the security of various celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs of the highest stature, coordinating highly skilled teams of numerous professionals while maintaining an invisible media presence. Thanks to his reputation for excellence, he is now considered a reliable partner of numerous international agencies and is involved in guaranteeing the security of famous and non-famous people alike.

Gabriele Moratti- Co-founder
A graduate of Duke University with a major in sociology and a minor in art history, his professional experience includes work for J.P. Morgan in London and Milan. He now holds a managerial position in his family's multinational business corporation. His stimulus to found the company came when he witnessed first-hand the unique managerial capabilities and operational expertise of Andrea Vittori.